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Best Happy Merry Christmas Wishes & Messages Text for Your Friends


List of 30+ Best Happy Merry Christmas Celebration Wishes & Messages Text

  1. Wishing you a wonderful and happy season! Have a Happy New Year and a Merry Christmas!
  2. May this giving season be the beginning of your better life. Have a nice and happy holiday!
  3. May this season of Christmas giving you fun, joy and laughter.
  4. Wish you all the best this holiday season, and Merry Christmas all year round!
  5. Let's forget the past and begin anew, this Christmas, hoping to see you!
  6. Happy Christmas from us all! Here's a love and peace season!
  7. Season's family's greetings! Perhaps you will all finish the year with a bright note
  8. Wish we've been able to see you all this season! The strongest of all for the New Year!
  9. Each your fire be warm and light at home. Have a happy New Year and a merry Christmas.
  10. May this Christmas season fill your home with joy and love. Wishing you a great vacation!
  11. May the Christmas season's joy and prosperity be yours Can Happy Holidays be better and happier next year!
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  13. In every moment, Christmas brings happiness and keeps you close to the parents. The festival is about celebrating the feelings of love and wonder for nature. Family and friends, Merry Christmas!
  14. I wish you all the joy and love at this wonderful Holiday party. In the most positive way, may all your hopes and dreams come true! Happy Christmas to you!!
  15. May this festival season in your life bring happiness, passion, achievement, and fun. This is a great time to renew the soul! I wish you and your family a happy Christmas!
  16. I wish you could experience the comfort of relaxation in the cold winter. I wish you happiness and affection from the bottom of my heart. Happy Christmas to you!
  17. Let's get into the shoes and put together most of the party! I wish you all the best and joy in this life's roller coaster. Can 2019, be the greatest celebration of Christmas!!
  18. On this unique Christmas festival day, I wish you shine like the brightest stars in the sky that make it look like the Universe's most beautiful and calming areas.
  19. May this Christmas come to you in such a way that a lighter and lovely node finishes your year, making all your wishes come true!! Fantastic Thanksgiving!
  20. Celebrate with your family and friends this lovely Holiday party. I just wish your life to bloom like the beautiful flowers. Fantastic Christmas!!
  21. The Christmas holiday is not only about exchanging gifts and celebrating, but also about bringing happiness in the life of our loved ones. I wish you the best, happiest Holiday!
  22. I hope you could get that special time you've always wished this year, and it extends in your life that much-needed cheering divinity and satisfaction. Hope you a happy and perfect Holiday.
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  24. I wish you and your friends and family had the most enjoyable moments of life on this beautiful Christmas day. Wish a perfect one for you and your friends!
  25. I'm so thankful to you for all the happiness and love you've brought me. I hope this Christmas will offer all of your life's peace, prosperity and happiness. I wish you and your family a happy Christmas!
  26. your soul be full with the happiness of the whole universe this festive season! May this Christmas be a great new year's starting!!
  27. You're the family's star, the rock! The happiness, the music, your joy is something that unites us all. You're the one that makes our lives through. We wish you all a happy Christmas!
  28. Your life's finest moments by calming down and making strides towards a better and better life. - this be the year's wonderful times that render life's best moments! Fantastic Holiday!!/li>
  29. Make the step forward this holy season to fill the world of your loved ones with all the joy and happiness. I believe it's the best time in your life. Fantastic Holiday!!
  30. May the love and harmony that this Christmas ends stay all year round! We wish you a happy Christmas with your parents!
  31. Let your friends and family meet the spirit of love and desire on this Holiday. And, you may get the chance to make your dreams come true in this whole phase of celebration. Fantastic Christmas!
  32. I hope Santa will give you the best present ever and make this year's most magical holiday. Fantastic Holiday!!
  33. Thanks giving is arriving with the intention of giving the core love and care! It's time to breathe new and experience good, send and receive blessings! Fantastic Christmas!!