The traffic signs express the basic road rules and regulations through clear traffic signals that can be understood in seconds. Each special sign along the road is significant, according to the traffic department.
Driving vehicles for traffic signals or road signs are signs erected on the side of or above roads in order to offer road users directions or information. The earliest signs were simple milestones of wooden or stone.
In India, knowing traffic signs is integral to your safety rules on the road. This is because traffic signs serve to silently conduct road activity in India and all over the world, and it is against the law to disregard them. Road users are made aware of particular rules, such as speed limits and no zones for parking.
To make road users know possible hazards or safety hazards on the road, these traffic signals are important. In a way, these signs are used to warn the driver to take the appropriate measures that make him or her able to deal with a situation.

Best Traffic Driving Vehicles Safety Rules and Signals | Traffic Signs

Top 30 drive vehicle signs and safety traffic rules of the road in India

We have collect of the best two wheelers and four-wheelers vehicles driving licence testing for safety rules and traffic signs (signals) of the road list in India.
  1. Traffic Signal
    This symbol consists of a traffic signal image signalling that a traffic signal is ahead. Slow the vehicle down and be prepared to stop. When the traffic lights turn red, stop your car.
  2. One Sided Traffic
    In this, all the vehicles move only on one side of the road and the movement of vehicles on the other side of the road stops. In such a situation, it is not acceptable to bring the car from the opposite direction when the vehicles are coming from one side. The large mark of the arrow going forward on the left side of the sign is cut by a red stripe, meaning that this road cannot be pushed forward, while the other road has movement of vehicles. Similarly, the sign is also inverted in which the arrow mark is cut on the right side i.e. the movement is stopped on the right side.
  3. Carriage in both directions prohibited
    Forbidden carriage in both directions
  4. Don't turn left
    With a red stripe, the arrow that goes in the left direction is removed, which means that the road does not turn in the left direction.
  5. Do not take the vehicle forward
    The emblem has a large arrow logo that goes beyond the small arrow that has been trimmed with a red bar. This implies that on the road you do not attempt to overtake another car.
  6. Don't stop
    A red stripe is cut off the arrowhead leading to the sign, which means that no vehicle is allowed to stop in this area while moving.
  7. U turn
    In English, the sign has the reverse U symbol and the logo has been removed. This means that when driving on the road you can not do a U-turn, i.e. there is not enough space to take a turn here, so it is not permitted to turn further back.
  8. Trucks are forbidden
    The symbol has a symbolic image with red marks of the truck which has been cut. This means that no person on this road can drive a truck.
  9. Bullock carts or hand carts are forbidden
    The sign has bullock carts, hand-drawn carts, or a tanga cut off with a red label, indicating that the carriage of such vehicles is prohibited on this route.
  10. Bicycle is forbidden
    The sign has the symbol on the bicycle cut off from the red mark, indicating there is a cycling ban on this route.
  11. Stop on all motor vehicles
    The sign is marked with a red mark on two-wheelers and four-wheelers, which means that it is not prohibited to drive any form of vehicle on the road.
  12. No horn
    The image of the horn is cut with a red stripe in this sign, indicating not to play the horn while driving on this lane. This sign is usually positioned close to schools, hospitals, etc.
  13. Give way
    In English, the symbol reads Give Way, which means give way. Before approaching intersections or on a large path, this trail is often located. This sign means pushing the car forward cautiously and making the cars on the right side already present on the road go first.
  14. Speed Limit
    The sign is written in 40 numbers, indicating that the speed limit on this road is 40 kilometres, that the car does not travel faster than this, or that it does not move slowly. This set speed limit should always be enforced so that it is possible to prevent road accidents. On the highway, the speed limit in the sign will go from 50 to 100 km instead of 40, i.e. follow the speed limit recommended on this route.
  15. Vehicle length limit
    The insignia has a photo of the truck and the number 10 m is written on the bottom, which indicates that there should be no more than 10 metres of long vehicles on the road as these tall vehicles can not be safely turned forward on the road. On sharp and curved turns, this sign is often applied.
  16. Vehicle height limit
    The symbol has 3.5 M written on it and the top and bottom are shown with a red colour label. This means that no truck or vehicle filled above the height of 3.5 metres on this road will go any further. This trail is also located on a railway bridge, which is a low-altitude bridge.
  17. Vehicle load limit
    The sign has 17 and T written in English, which specifies the vehicle's load limit on the lane. The sign indicates that no more than 17 tonnes of heavy vehicles on this road are required to be transported. This implies that on this route, there is a poor bridge or road ahead, which can bear no more weight than this.
  18. Left turn
    The sign has an arrow mark going from the left side which means there is a left turn ahead on the road. This sign is applied so that the driver becomes alert and does not drive at high speed, otherwise the vehicle can turn when the vehicle turns. The vehicle coming from the front on this road is often seen only when it comes near. Therefore, the driver should drive carefully while turning left.
  19. Right turn
    The sign has an arrow mark going from the right side which means there is a right turn ahead on the road. This sign is applied so that the driver becomes alert and does not drive at high speed, otherwise the vehicle can turn when the vehicle turns. The vehicle coming from the front on this road is often seen only when it comes near. Therefore, the driver should drive carefully while turning right.
  20. Narrow bridge
    This sign shows that a narrow bridge is ahead of the road and that the width of the bridge is smaller than that of the road. Therefore, when watching the vehicles approaching from the front, the driver drives the vehicle slowly and carefully.
  21. Narrow path
    This sign means the road ahead is narrow. The width of this road is less than that. This sign warns that there might be a risk of hitting the vehicle approaching from the front in this situation. So drive cautiously.
  22. Rail gate
    This sign consists of railway tracks showing that this path is ahead of the railway gate (railway crossing). When the train arrives, the safety staff will close the doors. Drivers should be extra cautious in such a situation.
  23. Rail track without gate
    In this sign, an illustration of the moving rail is produced. This sign indicates that there is a railway gate in front of which no security personnel and gates are open. Often called 'unmanned crossings' are those railway gates. It is recommended for vehicle drivers to tread carefully here. The driver pauses and first checks at both the left and the right side to ensure that there is no train coming, then crosses the rail tracks.
  24. Steep climb
    The badge features an illustration of a truck running uphill. This sign indicates that on this path there is a steep climb, so drive carefully. In hilly areas, these signs are mainly planted.
  25. Straight slope
    A image of a truck driving on a slope has the insignia. This sign means that on this lane, there is a straight slope ahead, so the driver moves slowly and carefully.
  26. Labor at work
    This sign has a picture of a worker on the road working. This means that the employees are working on the road ahead, driving a sluggish car here. For the safety of staff, the sign is placed up.
  27. Cycle route
    This sign depicts a symbolic image of a bicycle. This implies that one lane is reserved for bicycles on the route. Therefore, no other type of vehicle on this lane is permitted to operate.
  28. Move forward
    The English letter Z (Z) in this symbol is either lying or standing. The arrow sign in the symbol shows that when going forward (left or right) this path is Z-shaped and continue carefully when slowly driving your vehicle.
  29. Speed breaker
    The rise of the road is reflected by this symbol. This implies that an uneven path is ahead or speed breakers are in place. On this lane, therefore, slow down the vehicle and move it forward.
  30. Road ahead
    This symbol consists of an English T, the upper part of which is red. This means that the road is more blocked or that vehicles may not have sufficient route to go. To go further, follow another path.