A sport is basically a physical practise that necessitates the use of ability. Sports are typically competitive, but due to the variety of sports available, some are more competitive than others. Learning English sports names can help students talk about the sports they enjoy playing and watching.
Participating in various sports is a good way to alleviate tension and maintain a balanced body. You don't just improve your physical health with them; you still enjoy and have a good time with your mates. Friendship, teamwork, hard work, and discipline are all promoted by sports.
The different measurement sizes and dimensions of sports courts, pitches, fields, and grounds. This article also includes information on the sizes and dimensions of different sports and games equipment, such as cricket balls, footballs, and table tennis balls. Here you can find all of the dimensions and sizes associated with all games and sports.

What is the measurement sizes of sports fields and ground?

Games and sports measurements and dimensions of ground and field size area

Games and sports measurements and dimensions of ground and field size area

List of top some sports field and ground dimensions and measurements sizes, indoor games and outdoor games dimensions in sports guide for playing areas.

1. Cricket Ground Size in Meters

Cricket Pitch Length – 20.12 meters
Bat: 96.5 cm length and 10.8 cm width
Ball: 155.9 to 163 grams.

2. Basketball Ground Measurement Size

Basketball Field Measurement: 28 x 15 meters

3. Badminton Court Measurement Size

Badminton Court: 13.40 meters x 5.18 meters.
Net: 1.524 meters high.
Badminton Shuttle Weight : 4.73 to 5.50 gms.

4. Football Ground Measurement Size

Football Field measurement : 100 x 64 meters and mini size 110 x 75 meters.

5. Handball Ground Measurement Size

Handball Field Measurement: 40 x 20 meters

6. Hockey Ground Measurement Size

Hockey Field Measurement: 91.4 x 55 meters
Ball: 5.50 ounces to 5.75 ounces

7. Table Tennis Court Measurement Size

Table Tennis Measurements: 275 cm x 152.5 cm, 76 cm above the ground (floor).
Ball: 37.2 to 38.2 millimeter (diameter)
Table Tennis Ball Weight 9.40 to 9.53 gms.

8. Khokho Court Measurements Size in Meters

Khokho Field Mesurement : 34 x 10 meters to 34 x 16 meters.

9. Kabaddi Court Measurements Size in Meters

Kabaddi Field Measurement : 13 x 10 meters.

10. Lawn Tennis Court Measurement Size

Court: 23.77 x 8.23 meters.
Ball: 56.7 gms to 58.5 gms. (weight); 6.35 cm to 6.67 cms (diameter).

11. Lacrosse Ground Measurements Size

Lacrosse Field Measurement : 110 x 60 meters

12. Volleyball Ground Measurement Size

Volleyball Court Measurement: 18 meters x 9 meters.
Net: 9.5 meters x 1 meters x 2.43 meters.

13. Polo Ground Measurements Size

Polo Field Measurement : 275 x 180 meters and mini size 230 x 140 meters.

14. Ragbi Football Ground Measurement Size

Ragbi Football Field Measurement: 100 x 70 meters