How to quickly search and find file location path or url for edit code as text, CSS, JS files, images, class, id and button name from wordpress directory themes and plugins. If you want to get a fast search/find any types text and file from wordpress directory, where file folder location there in wp located, the free get a file location path in wp directory, you can quick search/find folder name form wp plugins, then you will get exectly location of file path/url in wordpress directory.
The very easily search your themes, plugins file location or even the WordPress core and edit code get a list of files location, the matching text, and which line of the file matched your search. Then, by clicking the link from the quickly search results folder full path and code edit/change, you may easily make changes in your browser.
It's super fast wordpress plugin string locator for wordpress developer can easily find and edit code and changes code any plugins of folder path in wordpress wp directory, which you'll need the entire URL, or another PHP file that you'll want to include by calling the whole directory full path and the any plugins directory is located within the wp-content folder.

How to find file path from themes and plugins for edit code

wordpress string locator pluging for get a find file location from plugins and themes

Best free wordpress plugin for quickly search file path from plugins

The find below best free wordpress plugins for code edit search wordpress string locator in wp directory which can help you, it's 100% working wordpress string locator plugin for quick find file for edit code.

Free String Locator Wordpress Plugin

After then wordpress string locator plugin upload and install this plugin in wp dashboard your website, and then goto you have to see navbar in Tools -> String Locator on click there. and the see there search string input type box after then input box in you can quickly find and types file name as you need, and after then click on search button. then you will get string file list and you can do easily modify on file wordpress directory.
See below screenshot, how will display on your screen searched urls and matched string file location path and then conect your ftp and cpanel of your wordpress website and then go to files located and code edit and change code in wordpress directory and enjoy.
how to get a find file location path From Plugin and Theme


This article to get a quickly search file location form wp plugin or theme and the best wordpress string locator plugins to quick find file on your wordpress site, and a string locator plugins is about wordpress pluging for get a find file location full path from plugins and themes, We hope by this article help you for very fast method find any file location code edit from wordpress directory.