The top blog article writing tips- how to write blog article SEO friendly for blogger and wordpress platform getting their blogs to the top of search results. As a result, today we will learn about What are SEO suggestions for bloggers? These SEO tactics can assist you in ranking your blog in search engines.
This article offers advice on how to write readable and SEO-friendly blog content. These two objectives should always be pursued together, as we feel that writing in easy-to-understand English attracts more people and keeps them on your website longer.
Many bloggers simply start writing whenever they start a new blog post, penning whatever comes to mind. While this may work for some people who are naturally gifted writers, others may require assistance. When I start a new blog, I always adhere to these rules, I'm going to share some crucial SEO ideas with you all.

Top tips for writing blog post SEO-friendly

Top 10+ Blog Article Writing Tips | SEO-Friendly

SEO-Friendly | Blog Article Writing Tips of List

The best free blogger post writing for SEO-Friendly that rank on Google tips and techniques of list is given below.

Tip #1. Think before you write blog article

Before you begin, consider what your piece's message will be. What do you want to say to your audience, or what core question do you want to address? What exactly is the point of your article? What do you want your viewers to do when they get to the bottom of the page? Before you start, write down the answers to these questions and consider what someone could be looking for. Examining the search results for the search keyword you want to rank for is a simple approach to learn more about this.

Tip #2. Choosing the right domain name for blogger

The domain name has a role in the blog's SEO. The first step in starting a blog is to choose a custom domain name. Many websites offer a free domain name, but a blogger with a long-term blogging perspective will never choose a free domain name.
The free domain name is not search engine optimised. It will be difficult to index in search engines. The most crucial factor is that the domain name should at the very least correspond to the niche or topic about which you have chosen to write. Don't pick a name that isn't relevant.

Tip #3. Choose right hosting provider for blogger

Don't take advantage of free hosting. Data security is always a concern with free hosting. Check the reviews for the hosting company before making a decision. Check out the customer service reviews since if you're new to blogging, you'll need help with your issues and questions on a regular basis.

Tip #4. Choose best blogging platform

Select the best blogging platform for you. There are several blogging systems available. We recommend that you use WordPress. Many tools, such as Yoast SEO Plugin, Social Share Buttons, and others, are available through the WordPress blogging platform. WordPress is a simple platform to work with and the every hosting company offers WordPress hosting and support.

Tip #5. Choose a simple theme for blog

We recommend that you start with free themes or simple designs. There are a plethora of free theme suppliers available. Before choosing a theme for your site, be sure to read the reviews and look into the theme support. The theme you choose for your blog is determined on the topic you've chosen. For the blog, any News theme will suffice.

Tip #6. Write unique content for blog article

The secret to a successful blogging career is to provide distinctive material. You do not need to copy and paste information from other websites if you are writing on a topic about which you are knowledgeable. Always double-check that you aren't plagiarising information from other blogs or websites.

Tip #7. Write SEO friendly articles for blog posts

Unique content and keywords in the article you're composing are two characteristics of an SEO-friendly article. The key to getting your article or blog post indexed in search engines is the SEO URL. The keyword of your content should be included in the title of your blog post. The title of the article should provide users or readers a general notion of the topic or substance of the article, and then they will be interested in reading it. The key to writing SEO-friendly articles is to use headings and subheadings at the proper places throughout the post.

Tip #8. Use keywords research tools

You must target the particular keywords and phrases that your potential clients are searching for in order to cut through the SERP congestion and outrank your competition. you can use some keywords research tools as Ahrefs and Google Keyword Planner etc.

Tip #9. Use alt tag with images on blog post

The alt tag is very important for blog post image and use of images with alt attribute values aids in blog article for top SEO. Include at least one image in your post, and make sure it has an alt attribute.

Tip #10. Use meta description for blog post

The On-page SEO, the meta description is quite important. A meta description tag should be included in every article on your site. When someone uses Google Search to find anything, the Meta Description comes first, followed by the title of the article, keywords in the article, image alt attribute, headings and subheadings in the blog content.

Tip #11. Make internal linking in article

The internal link to one of your other articles in one of your articles is also a crucial aspect of SEO. It also aids in increasing blog traffic by allowing users or readers to navigate your site using internal links. Internal links should always be connected to the current content.

Tip #12. Add social share buttons in blog post

the best tips including social share buttons underneath the article can help your piece get shared across a variety of social media platforms. Your visitors will be able to simply share your blog post to their social media profiles.


This article is to the best free writing a good blog article, So the above free tools is about Top 10+ blog article writing tips | SEO-Friendly We hope by this article you can do easily write good blogger article for your blog.