The top free and paid best websites to backlinks checker online tools, Getting free high quality backlinks to your site is a great way to raise your page rank and make the search results more visible. The get more stronger backlinks is to check out your website competition and also see where their links are coming from.
The top free best website backlinks checker online tools to check also show broken outbound links of the target in the Broken links report. It will point out all the SEO (audit) errors you need to fix to boost your rankings.
Search Engine Optimization (SEO) analysis of a website is never complete without reviewing the backlinks, Monitor your domain ranking and your traffic stats total. You will see what works this way, and what needs to be improved on.
The best online free backlinks checking tools get a complete list of errors that prevent your site from reaching the top spot on Google. This SEO audit prioritizes each fix on the basis of potential impact on traffic and easy implementation.

The Best Free Backlinks Checker Websites List

Here both types free and paid backlinks checker tools options exist to help you spy on your competition. We are collect the top 10+ best checker online tools for backlinks-

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List of Top 10+ Best Free Websites Backlinks Checker Tools

1. Ahrefs - Powerful Free Backlinks Checking Tools

  • Use the free version of the checker on the Ahrefs backlink.
  • Get a preview of the intensity of our premium method.
  • Test every page, URL or chapter to see SEO indicators that are actionable and insightsful.
  • See an adaptive over time view of the referencing domains and sites.
  • Get amazing insights into the popularity of web page and website links with estimates of organic traffic.
  • See each page in the comprehensive Backlinks report which links to your goal.
  • To dive deeper, using powerful filters.

Ahref Online Free Backlink Checker Site

2. Neil Patel - SEO Analysis Backlinks Checking Tools

  • You need to do is track the article on website analytics.
  • Get find your website competition, backlink checker, Use this to build links and to increase your rankings.
  • It will point out all the SEO mistakes you need to correct to improve the rankings.
  • Use this to build links and to increase your rankings.
  • Get a complete list of errors that block your site from reaching the top spot on Google.
  • An analysis of a website is never complete without analysis of your backlinks.
  • Our SEO Review does not merely point out mistakes, but also send you step-by-step guidance on how to correct them.

Neil Patel Backlink Checker Tool

3. Semrush - Backlink SEO Checking Tools

  • SEMrush is a powerful and versatile online marketing competition intelligence suite, from SEO and PPC to social media.
  • According to US Google Awards 2019, MENA Web Awards 2019, and SEMY Awards 2019, SEMrush is recognized as the best SEO Package.
  • It is also according to Digital Marketing Awards 2019 the best digital device.
  • Using SEMrush to handle the SEO, ads, marketing and all SMM.

SEMrush Backlink Checker Tool

4. - Seo Backlink Checking Tools

  • SEO tools and data to support you improve search results in traffic, reviews and exposure.
  • There is a more intelligent way to do the SEO. Whether you're a beginner, need advanced on-page tactics or you need a refresher to build better traffic, we've covered you.
  • For every situation, we build best-in-class SEO software, from our all-in - one SEO platform to local SEO tools, enterprise SERP analytics and a powerful API.
  • The index with the Moz connection is second to none. See stats in seconds to any domain like anchor text and Domain Authority. - Backlink Checker Tool

5. Open Link Profiler - Backlinks Checking Tools

  • OpenLinkProfiler is a free link research tool that lets you check any website's backlinks.
  • Enter a domain name in the search box above and click the ' Get data backlinks ' button to get an immediate analysis of the links.
  • Monitor shifts in the rating of your web pages in 162 countries and languages on Facebook, Google Apps and Bing. Detailed Desktop and Mobile reports.
  • Connect your account to Google Analytics and offer analytics reports in your company design for your boss and clients website.
  • The SEO resources in SEOprofiler help you achieve marketing targets for your website as quickly as possible. Get more customers, and boost sales.

OpenLinkProfiler - Backlink Checker

6. BackLinkWatch - Free Backlinks Checking Tools

  • BackLinkWatch is free online backlinks checker
  • The search engine optimisation also focuses around the construction of connections.
  • Inbound Links render the platform popular in the SERPs.
  • More than 95 per cent of the focus in today's SEO world is on building quality backlinks.

BackLinkWatch - Backlinks Checker

7. Monitor - Free Backlink Checking Tools

  • Discover links to any Website
  • To get our contacts we use industry leader Majestic.
  • You don't want to lose a connection!
  • Identify good links from the website to indicators such as Citation Flow, Trust Flow and amount of external links.
  • Find Do Follow links, or No Follow links.

Monitor - Free Backlink Checker

8. SEOkicks - Backlinks Checking Tools

  • For the continuous collection of link data, SEOkicks uses its own crawlers and makes these data available via website, CSV export and API.
  • The current index includes more than 200 billion linked datasets.
  • In Germany, the SEOkicks Backlink Checker has for some time been one of the most frequently used Backlink databases.
  • Including obtaining backlink data via the website, this can also be collected via the backlink API and loaded into your own software.
  • Detailed information on this can be found in the API documentation.

SEOkicks - Backlinks Checker Tool

9. Rank Signal - Backlinks Checking Tools

  • Find Backlinks and traffic sources for your rival
  • Upgrade your profile and discover new possibilities for connections
  • Locate and identify the best ties for your rivals. It is the most effective strategy for developing the ties.
  • The combination of PageRank, Alexa Rank, Inner & External ties lets you identify the best contacts.
  • Identify, disavow and maintain a high standard connection profile on your negative and spam websites.

Rank Signal - Backlink Checker Tool

10. Linkod - Backlinks Checking Tools

  • The easiest way to track your campaigns on link building.
  • Uncover backlinks to your competitors. See which pages are pointing at you and your competitors, or just at them.
  • See sites that connect to a lot of your competitors. See the sites they have most connected to.
  • Use all that information to find fantastic opportunities to build connections.
  • Get full notifications of anchor text and keywords on your backlink.
  • Identify potentially harmful backlinks easily across many measures, such as the spam ranking.

Linkod - Backlinks Checker Tool

11. Majestic - Backlinks Checking Tools

  • Majestic maps the network to get you the knowledge regarding Connection Intelligence that you need to conquer the business.
  • You don't have to be an SEO to take advantage of award-winning data from one of the most established brands in SEO.
  • Find the best websites with our Site Explorer tool Track with Majestic Campaigns your favorite sites
  • Use the Context button to find links between you and your competitors Find out the top links on every level
  • Search by subject, price, language and a set of industry standard metrics Compare website and URL top-level metrics.
  • Find links by searching the competitor websites Check for shared ties between any two websites.

Majestic - Backlinks Checker Tool

12. Kerboo - Backlinks Checking Tools

  • Award winning backlink software Complete visibility of your entire link profile Combine multiple link .
  • Data sources for one full profile Protect, fix and enhance your links
  • Search professionals use and trust Kerboo to make the time-intensive task of doing as painless a link audit as possible on your backlink profile.
  • Our Link-Risk and Link-Value indicators promote segmentation and the detection of threats and opportunities.
  • Operating through Kerboo's relation analysis tools, you can quickly determine where the threats and trends in the backlink profile lay.

Kerboo - Backlinks Checker Tool