What is a keyword?

A keyword is word used in digital marketing to describe word or group of words used by an Internet user in search engine or search bar to perform search and then user get response from server on your screen such as title, content, images, that called keyword.
Keyword research tool are very significant in an SEO strategy that best represents the content on your blog or article. It's the search word on which you like a certain page to rank, But as users on Google or other search engines search for the keyword or expression, they can find that page on your website.
People worldwide have top trending keywords mostly searched on the all Search Engines as Google, Yahoo, Bing, Search engine optimization (SEO) practitioners use search words which users enter into search engines, To obtain better rankings in search engines first study keywords, and then match web pages with these keywords.
You've come to the right spot for what are the most popular keywords searches on Google and What questions people ask most about Google. The most searched keyword words on Google in this research analysis of ours. There we've lists of top trending keywords Google searched.

Which Keyword Is Top Most Searched In Google?

How to find the most searched keywords on Google

How to find the most searched keywords on Google

The top 90+ mostly asked questions on search engines such as Google, Yahoo, Bing and more, full Google on top most trending searches keywords of list is given below .
  1. What is the time
  2. What is the weather today
  3. How to make online money
  4. How to make money fast
  5. What time is it?
  6. What holiday is today
  7. What is my location
  8. Where is my phone
  9. What is my ip address
  10. How to change apple id
  11. How to make money from home
  12. How to make money online for free
  13. How many mb in a gb
  14. How to start a business
  15. How to learn english
  16. How to download youtube videos
  17. How to lose weight fast
  18. What is human resources
  19. How to edit videos
  20. How to make a youtube channel
  21. How to eat health
  22. How to use snapchat
  23. When is memorial day
  24. How to solve a rubix cube
  25. How to lose weight
  26. How to gain weight
  27. How many ounces in a pound
  28. How to change wifi password
  29. How many weeks in a year
  30. How to get pregnant
  31. Is it going to rain today
  32. How many calories in a banana
  33. Where is my phone
  34. What time is it in usa
  35. What time is it in london
  36. How to make a website
  37. How to create a blogspot
  38. How many grams in a pound
  39. How many countries in the world
  40. Why is the sky blue
  41. How to write a resume
  42. How to write a resignation letter
  43. How to write a cover letter
  44. How to write a letter
  45. How to change gmail password
  46. How to delete instagram account
  47. How to delete facebook account
  48. How to hack facebook account
  49. How to download videos from facebook
  50. How to change your name on facebook
  51. What is a function
  52. How to delete a facebook account
  53. How to get instagram followers
  54. What is search engine optimisation
  55. What is the meaning of life
  56. Why do dogs eat grass
  57. How to make cake
  58. How to make chocolate
  59. How to start a blog
  60. How to edit a pdf
  61. How to make an app
  62. How to make ice cream
  63. How to download music
  64. How to download movie
  65. How to reset iphone
  66. How to restore iphone
  67. How to reset ipad
  68. When is valentines day
  69. How to use excel
  70. How to cook chicken
  71. How to impress a girl
  72. How to talk to girls
  73. How many states in india
  74. How to reduce weight
  75. How to increase height
  76. What time zone am i in
  77. How to draw a flower
  78. How do to makeup
  79. How to make a cake
  80. How to make paper flowers
  81. How many states in usa
  82. How to make coffee
  83. How to do makeup
  84. How to get a boyfriend
  85. How to talk to girls
  86. How to clear history
  87. What is a computer
  88. How to sell on amazon
  89. How many millions in a billion
  90. How to write an abstract
  91. How to talk to girls
  92. How to run faster
  93. How to buy stock
  94. How to make soap

Article Conclusion!

This article is to most popular keyword searches on google, So the above article is about the most keyword searched on Google, the top trending keywords mostly searched on Google.